Nursing Board Hearings

Nurses are trained and dedicated to helping others. There is no reason they should have to stand alone as they face allegations and charges that might prevent them from being able to perform their jobs. At The Dodd Law Firm, we understand what it takes to beat the charges made against you so that you can continue the important work you do in the profession you love.

If you have reason to believe you are under investigation, or if you have been charged with a violation by the Alabama Nursing Board, call (205) 515-7575 for a free consultation with an attorney that handles Nursing Board cases.

In generic terms there are two (2) types of cases investigated by Staff of the Board:

  1. Practice Related Cases
  2. Behavioral Cases
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Criminal History Related
  • Allegations of Mental Health Issues / Psychiatric Disorders
  • Pain Management / Required Narcotic Consumption

The Alabama Nursing Board and Board Staff focus on one primary duty: to keep the public safe. Often, in the pursuit of this duty, they go too far and trample on the rights of individual nurses. That’s why it is so important to have an attorney experienced in handling Nursing Board cases protecting your rights and your license in front of the Nursing Board

At the Dodd Law Firm we protect our clients from unjust charges and disproportionate punishment from the Alabama Nursing Board, which can include severe licensure sanctions including license probations, suspensions, surrenders, and revocations. Don’t deal with this process by yourself; have someone by your side who knows how to work with or stand up to the Alabama Nursing Board.

Grounds for Discipline

  • Standard of Care Violations
  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Lying & Falsification
  • The Commission of a Criminal Offense
  • Other Conduct Likely to Deceive or Defraud the Public

Types of Penalties

  • Monitoring
  • Administrative Fine
  • Public Reprimand
  • Restriction on Practice
  • Probation of a License Suspension
  • Active Suspension of License
  • Revocation

Furthermore, as a requirement of the probationary sanctions or terms the Board can order a nurse to undergo counseling, additional training and education, or restrict his or her ability to practice as deemed appropriate.

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