Drug Crimes

Alabama prosecutors deal very harshly with those suspected of committing drug-related crimes. This means that they leave no stone unturned in seeking convictions for those arrested of drug crimes and in pursuing the harshest sentences possible for those who are found guilty. If you are facing charges related to alleged drug crimes in the State of Alabama, we urge you to schedule a consultation with a dedicated drug crimes attorney as soon as possible. At The Dodd Law Office, we can be instrumental in minimizing the fallout associated with an arrest for drug possession, distribution, manufacture, or trafficking and in helping you stay out of jail. Make an appointment today to get started on your criminal defense following an arrest.

Alabama Drug Crimes Lawyer

Prosecutors in criminal cases involving drug crimes often use seized contraband as evidence. Although the physical presence of such evidence may be difficult for a defendant to refute, the prosecutor is tasked with proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the drugs in question belonged to the defendant and that the defendant was in control of them at the time of their arrest. In other words, merely because drugs were found on or near your person by an arresting officer isn’t sufficient to secure your conviction: prosecutors need to demonstrate that they were yours. Don’t be intimidated into a false confession simply because authorities are in possession of contraband they claim belonged to you.

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We have extensive trial experience related to drug crimes and we know that the best way for a defendant to fight such charges is to hire a seasoned criminal defense lawyer to represent them in court. Don’t answer any questions you are asked by law enforcement officials following an arrest for alleged drug crimes; instead, be polite but firm in saying that you are unwilling to make any statements to them without your attorney present. Arguing with the police or attempting to explain yourself will not help your situation and in fact may damage it irrevocably. By calling us, we can help you safeguard your rights following an arrest and we will do everything legally possible to help you avoid a guilty verdict and its associated consequences.

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