Federal Crimes

The federal system has its own set of procedural law, its own unique sentencing structure, and multiple issues involving restitution and forfeiture that require an attorney experienced in working in federal court. Should you or a loved one be faced with the prospect of criminal charges in federal court, it is essential that you seek representation that has that experience, and can guide you through the intricate federal process step by step.

Alabama Federal Crimes Attorney

Attorney Hube Dodd has practiced in federal courts throughout the State of Alabama and elsewhere during his entire career. In addition to representing his own clients, he has been retained by other lawyers to serve as a special consultant on federal sentencing and forfeiture matters. Mr. Dodd is available to meet for an initial consultation to speak to you about your potential case, and to help explain the process you will be facing going forward.

Experience matters when representing clients in federal court

An encounter with the federal justice system is far different than one involving the Alabama state criminal justice system, even when the charges concerned are nearly identical. One of the distinguishing characteristics of convictions for federal crimes is the relative harshness of the associated consequences; individuals found guilty of federal crimes routinely receive shockingly long prison sentences and become liable for immense fines. Additionally, court procedures in federal courts are significantly different from those involved in Alabama criminal trials and therefore require a different approach when it comes to the criminal defense of those indicted. Finally, merely being accused of a federal crime can permanently compromise a person’s reputation and make them virtually unemployable even if they are ultimately found to be innocent of their charges. If you are facing or suspect you soon will be facing charges related to a federal crime, it is of the utmost importance that you retain an Alabama federal crimes attorney as soon as possible to help you with your case. Hube Dodd is intimately familiar with the unique rules and regulations involved in federal trials and knows how to use federal law in your favor to demonstrate your innocence. He has years of experience aiding clients who have been accused of federal crimes and will put that experience to work on your behalf.

Due to the significant expense and time associated with federal trials, prosecutors seldom seek an indictment unless the evidence they have against a suspect is overwhelming. By this time it may already be much more difficult for your federal crimes attorney to have a jury return a verdict of not guilty. In fact, if you can get a seasoned federal crimes lawyer working on your case while an investigation is pending, they may even be able to persuade federal prosecutors that their efforts are unlikely to bear fruit and convince them to abandon their investigation without seeking an indictment. We know how terrifying it can be to be facing hostile federal law enforcement authorities. We urge you to make an appointment with us today and let us tell you what legal options you have for dealing with a charge or pending investigation for an alleged federal crime.

We urge you to contact the Dodd Law Firm today to set up a free consultation and learn more about how our firm can help those people who are subject to federal criminal prosecution. Call (205) 515-7575 or fill out the contact form provided here.

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