White Collar Crimes

If you have reason to believe you may face white collar criminal charges, you need a lawyer with experience handling white collar cases. A charge or even an investigation involving you and a white collar crime such as theft or fraud can be devastating to both you and your family.

Alabama White Collar Crimes Lawyer

White Collar defense is a cornerstone of our practice. Individuals and businesses investigated by federal, state, or local authorities face a number of difficulties. Potential misconduct may involve civil statutes, administrative regulations and even criminal laws. The Dodd Law Firm forms winning strategies for our clients by addressing these concerns collectively, as early in the process as possible.

What are White Collar Crimes?

White collar crime refers to non-violent crimes that result in financial gain, often involving employees of banks or other private companies. It often involves investigations by the IRS and FBI. The Dodd Law Firm founding Partner Hube Dodd has dealt with these agencies before. He knows how to work with them when possible and stand up to them when necessary.

Time is an important factor in these types of cases. A successful white collar criminal defense requires significant preparation, and there are often opportunities early in an investigation to improve a client’s position.Contact our Birmingham office immediately for a free initial consultation so that we can answer your questions and guide you in the right direction.

An accusation of embezzlement or misappropriation of client funds might stem from an accounting error, a miscommunication or perhaps even a co-worker’s deception. Don’t become the innocent victim of someone else’s crime: get representation today.

If there is evidence that you have committed a crime, there is still hope, no matter how trapped you may feel. Contacting the Dodd Law Firm is the first step towards relieving the pressure and fear you may be dealing with.

  • A person accused of fraud may have been suffering from clouded judgment as a result of a psychological problem.
  • A client charged with stealing money or employee theft might benefit from a plea bargain that includes restitution and community service.
  • A person charged with shoplifting or credit card fraud may benefit from a record of good behavior.

And always remember – You have a right to remain silent and have a lawyer tell your side of the story for you. Let your lawyer speak on your behalf, and avoid making mistakes that so often happen when people wait too long before contacting an attorney.

Don’t make a statement and call (205) 515-7575 immediately to speak with an experienced white collar crime attorney.

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