The Dodd Law Firm has extensive experience representing individuals that have been charged with embezzlement. That experience has taught us that quickly addressing the situation can often mean the difference between a case that is prosecuted and a case that is not. Oftentimes, the actions subject to investigation are either a misunderstanding or more appropriately addressed in a civil court, so it is vital that those issues be addressed early, before a criminal investigation proceeds to formal charges.

In cases where charges have already been filed, the accused needs to be ready to mount an aggressive defense while also being mindful of potential sentencing considerations. Our firm is experienced in both defending our clients in front of federal juries, and in preparing the intricate presentations necessary to achieve the best possible sentences for those clients who choose to plead guilty.

Whatever your situation, no good will come from denial or avoiding the inevitable. If you need representation to protect your rights, call immediately to set up a free consultation with Mr. Dodd and learn about the ways in which we may be able to help.

The Dodd Law Firm

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