Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud charges are brought as felony charges in US Federal Court. They can lead to fines, forfeiture of your house or car, and often jail time.

With the full might of the United States Government investigating these mortgage fraud crimes, it is vital you hire an experienced federal attorney as soon as possible. The Dodd Law Firm has handled numerous cases in Federal Court and knows how to work with, or stand up to, federal agencies including the FBI and IRS. Targets of an investigation are often honest people who are caught up in the wide net cast by federal authorities.

Protecting Your Rights in a Mortgage Fraud Prosecution

Mortgage Fraud Attorney | Birmingham | The Dodd Law FirmWhether you are a borrower, accountant, loan officer, mortgage broker or real estate agent accused of mortgage fraud, call the The Dodd Law Firm today for a FREE consultation. We represent clients against charges involving:

  • Overstated assets
  • Inflated appraisals or incomes
  • Making false statements on mortgage documents
  • Accepting illegal rebates or kickbacks
  • Engaging in illegal incentives

What should I do if I am charged with Mortgage Fraud?

While it is always better to talk to a lawyer before you are charged, it is never too late to find a lawyer that will stand up for you. Federal laws and sentencing procedures are extremely complex, and you need an attorney who has experience in Federal Court.

People charged with this offense should seek an experienced lawyer who will pursue a dismissal or minimization of the sentence in these cases. With the proper representation, your lawyer might be successful in:

  • Providing law enforcement with valuable information under carefully negotiated protocols
  • Minimizing the amount of loss
  • Minimizing the role in the crime
  • Demonstrating the mistakes made by law enforcement

To speak with an experienced Alabama mortgage fraud attorney, contact the Dodd Law Firm at (205) 515-7575 or fill out the contact form provided here.

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