Premises Liability Issues

Holding Negligent Property Owners Accountable for Dangerous Conditions

Like it or not, most people spend some portion of their day on other people’s property. Unless you own the store you shop at and the sidewalks you walk on (and the house in which you live), you probably do as well. We often take it for granted that we shouldn’t have to worry about being seriously injured every time we leave the house, and for the most part, we’re correct. As long as property owners are diligent in making sure that those places under their care are safe for others to use, we seldom consider such a possibility. Unfortunately, sometimes landlords, store owners, and other property owners are negligent in addressing safety issues on their property, causing others grievous harm unnecessarily. If you’ve ever noticed an uneven sidewalk or a lingering spill in a store aisle, you’re looking at an injurious accident waiting to happen. When one does, it’s wise to speak to an experienced premises liability attorney as soon as possible. A dedicated Alabama premises liability lawyer can help you obtain financial compensation following a slip and fall incident or other accident that has left you and your family grappling with expensive medical bills and lost wages.

Experienced Legal Representation for the Injured

Much of the time premises liability cases can be resolved through negotiation and settlement rather than through litigation. By simply partnering with an aggressive premises liability attorney, you can greatly increase the likelihood that claims examiners will offer you a fair settlement when you file your claim. If litigation does become necessary, however, you can expect that we will do everything legally possible to help you make your case in court and hold negligent property owners accountable for their actions. With years of experience in taking personal injury cases to trial on behalf of our Alabama clients, we can aid you in recovering damages for your ordeal that can be used to help pay for these expenses as well as compensate you for the pain and suffering related to an injury. Schedule a consultation with a seasoned Alabama premises liability lawyer today to find out more about how we can help you protect your rights following an injurious accident that occurred on another person or party’s property.

Handling a Wide Range Of Premises Liability Cases

We are proud to offer superior legal counsel for those injured in all kinds of premises liability accidents including but not limited to:

  • Accidents related to damaged stairs or stairwells
  • Slip and fall accidents (including falls on snow or ice)
  • Accidents related to merchandise that has been shelved incorrectly
  • Incidents related to broken railings on porches or balconies
  • Accidents occurring on construction sites where insufficient safety warnings exist
  • Incidents related to insufficient lighting in parking lots, stairways, and other areas
  • Accidents on sidewalks and roads with uneven pavement
  • Accidents related to a lack of security (such as rape or assault)

We are confident that we have the expertise and attitude you need to get the results you want and we hope you choose us to represent you in your premises liability case.

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