Slip & Fall Accidents

It’s an unfortunate truth that a trip to the neighborhood grocery store or a walk around the block can have tragic consequences when property owners fail to exercise their proper duty of care. A store manager who neglects  to clean up a spill quickly or a homeowner who refuses to address a broken sidewalk in front of their house can be held liable in civil court if innocent individuals are injured as a result of their negligence. If you were injured on another person’s property because of the property owner’s carelessness, you should contact a dedicated Alabama slip and fall attorney as soon as possible.

Alabama Slip & Fall Lawyer

The Dodd Law Office can help you recover damages that can be used to pay for the substantial expenses related to a slip and fall injury, including hospital bills and any income you have lost because of your injury. Schedule a consultation with us today and we’ll tell you how we can help you get started with your personal injury case.

Broken Bones, Back or Head Injuries?

Slip and Fall Attorney | Birmingham | The Dodd Law FirmSlip and fall accidents are part of a larger field of personal injury law involving premises liability litigation. Essentially, in a premises liability case you are asserting that a property owner’s failure to address a dangerous condition on their property (such as the previously mentioned broken sidewalk or spilled liquid) in a timely manner was directly responsible for an injury. In fact, a property owner can be held liable for an injury even if they didn’t know about the dangerous condition, as long a jury rules that given the timeframes involved, it is unreasonable that they were not aware of it. As an example, consider a landlord who fails to realize that the commercial property they have been leasing for decades contains asbestos: a landlord who was exercising her proper duty of care should have become aware of the asbestos long ago.

Let us put our knowledge to work for you

If there is one thing we have learned from years of trial experience, it is that the sooner you retain an aggressive premises liability lawyer to represent you, the better chance you stand of holding a negligent property owner accountable for their carelessness and obtaining financial compensation for an unnecessary tragedy. Contact our office today to learn more about your rights under Alabama law when it comes to your premises liability case. We’re eager to put our expertise to work on your behalf.

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