Mandatory Life Sentences for Juvenile Offenders Declared Unconstitutional

In an important decision overshadowed by this week’s healthcare ruling, the United States Supreme Court handed down a decision in Jackson v. Hobbs that rules mandatory life sentences for juvenile offenders are unconstitutional. The practical effect going forward will be profound, not only for juveniles currently charged with crimes but for the thousands of juveniles previously sentenced under such laws, all of whom are now eligible for new sentencing hearings. It is vital that the friends and families of inmates currently serving life without parole sentences for crimes committed when they were juveniles contact an attorney at once to determine if that inmate is eligible for a new sentencing hearing.

Please keep in mind that this does not automatically mean that these inmates will get a new hearing, or that they will receive a different sentence. That is why it is vital that they both requests a new hearing and hire competent counsel to represent them at that new hearing. It would appear that you only get one chance to argue for a lesser sentence under this ruling, so you must make that opportunity count.

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